• Name : Youtuo laser engraving and cutting machine
  • Model : UT1390/UT1610/UT1810/UT6090
 advertising warm engraving, architectural model, leather clothing, craft gifts, musical instrument panel, finger board, inlay cutting: printing, packaging: furniture; Stone.
 Suitable for materials such as plexiglass, rubber, leather, bamboo and wood products, paper, plastic, crystal, jade, ceramic tile, cloth and other non-metallic materials

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■ Machine features
♦ Adopt front and rear permeability design! ♦ X.Y adopts three imported straight square rails;
♦ High strength transmission motor willow. Ensure the leveling of machine operation
♦ Professional high strength fuselage station ♦ X.Y are reduced by embedded structure
Three frame stepping motor drive to ensure low speed cutting more flat visit;
♦ Reflection using 51 and non - ball! 3 Dead Butterfly,
♦ The shadow of the original, the circle of fir itching, can realize the relocation of fast curve cutting drama house know the processing path optimization;
♦ Catch USB, EtterneL. U disk; ♦ Coreldraw, AutoCAD:
♦ Red light positioning for water break protection; ♦ Lining platform, single platform:

The machine model


Points Shen rate

In the winter of 4000 dpi

So the work is not


The motor

Three-phase stepper motor

The power supply

'CW50HZ 110 v to 220 v + + 10 & 50/60 hz

Positioning by degrees


The total power


Interface communication


Face the autumn

900 X 600mm ! 300X900nw


Appearance of size

1420^1140 i(S0 T820X1440XJ(SO

2t20X1640X 1050

Engraving speed


Working temperature

5 'C ~ hernia

Cut scraping the speed


Working temperature

5V90% (no condensate >


  • 1.During the operation of the machine, the operator is strictly prohibited to leave to avoid fire.
  • 2.After each startup, check whether the submersible pump is out of water. It is strictly forbidden to start working without the pump.
  • 3.It is strictly forbidden to start the machine without grounding. The ground wire of the laser power supply must be connected to the ground, and must not be connected to doors, windows, water pipes and other facilities. The ground wire should be connected to the outdoor ground.
  • 4.The water temperature of the water container must be controlled below 25 degrees. If the water temperature is too high, the circulating water should be replaced. It is best to use purified water for circulating water, and ensure that the water is clean and free of impurities. Replace the circulating water regularly.
  • 5.Due to the laser and high voltage parts inside the machine, non-professionals are strictly prohibited from disassembling machine parts without authorization.
  • 6.The fan must be turned on when engraving to avoid contaminating the lens and focusing lens. It is strictly prohibited to place flammable and explosive materials near the equipment to avoid fire.
  • 7.It is strictly prohibited to use during thunderstorms.
  • 8.It is strictly forbidden to plug or unplug the power cord and communication cable when the power is on.
  • 9.During operation, abnormal phenomena such as no light output or collision of the coordinate system are found, and the power supply should be cut off first, and then the machine should be turned on after troubleshooting.
  • 10.The guide rails should be cleaned regularly.
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