Engraving machine sales representative

  • 发布日期 :2016-07-25
  • 职位分类 :
  • 薪资待遇 :Negotiable
  • 招聘人数 :10-20
  • 工作地点 :Mengshui Beiyi Industrial Park, Zibo City, Shandong Province
  • 联系电话 :0533-6889033
  • 电子邮件 :6889033@163.com
  • 有效天数 :30 days
1、Responsible for the sales of engraving machine products
2、Through the Internet or telephone to answer, communicate, and follow up for consulting customers, the order is finally reached.
3、The company will provide a large number of advertising support and promotion methods, do not worry about the source of customers;
4、Use the Internet to sell and promote the company's products;
5、Responsible for the operation and management of the company's online trading platform and the release of product information;
6、Understand and collect dynamic information of peers and competing products on the Internet;
7、Channel development and business expansion through the Internet;


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